Why Take This Next Step

Consistency is key to gaining momentum in personal growth

That is true with most things in life. What is also true is consistency has enemies such as a lack of time and resources. To combat those, you need a plan that is affordable, structured, effective, reasonable, manageable and flexible. Each Short Course was designed with those qualities in mind to help you grow as you go regardless of the pace you take to complete the course.

What to Expect From Every Short Course

  • Stand-alone-value. Though it is true the principles discussed in each course are like building blocks, each one provides its own value. When engaged and appropriately applied, it can have a profound effect in your life.

  • 60 to 90 minutes of video teaching divided into multiple short lessons within 3 main sections

  • Running time of videos range between 5 and 20 minutes

  • Each video lesson is followed by questions to help you apply what you are learning

Are You Ready To Stretch Yourself?

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Section 1-Before We Begin

    • Before We Begin

  • 2

    Section 2-Developing Your Influence

    • Lesson 1-Influence Defined

    • Lesson 2-Applying What You Learned

  • 3

    Section 3-Character Building

    • Lesson 1-The Character Key to Personal Growth

    • Lesson 2-Applying What You Learned

  • 4

    Section 4-Personal Growth Principles & Practices

    • Lesson 1-It's No Accident

    • Lesson 2-Applying What You Learned

    • Lesson 3-Personal Growth Principle

    • Lesson 4-Applying What You Learned

    • Lesson 5-Words to Live By

    • Lesson 6-Applying What You Learned

    • Wrap Up

    • Your turn to have influence into Coach Mark! Share your thoughts and ideas.